The "Less hatin' & more skatin' shirt. This was inspired by all the negativity on skateboarding websites and message boards. The aim is to remind people that at the end of the day it's about having fun.
The first Leadfeather skateboard featuring the original L and backwards F logo.
This was later updated to the anvil and feather logo.
Stickers showing the anvil and feather graphics as well as our tagline
"Light as a feather, heavy as lead."
Nautical themed Leadfeather shirt featuring cannons and a rope border, and the usual tagline.
What do coozies do? Keep things cool. 
Design featuring the Leadfeather logo on the front, and "Keep it cool, baby" on the back.
These are other T shirts that I designed that either didn't make it to print, or had a limited run. Some are parody, while most are original designs.
On the left is the Leadfeather logo with the anvil and feathers. On the right is an alternate dagger logo suggesting that using violence only ends up hurting the aggressor in the end.
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