Jordan Kulhawik

Treejectory Logo

Logo for disc golf group, Treejectory. The logo has a lighthearted but clean feel and is meant to fit on a disc. The basket in the negative space was a happy accident that I ran with, and the acorn signifies not only the outdoors, but the potential for growth.

Disconnect Snowboard

This was a snowboard design for Ride's Snowboard Art contest. Chosen as one of the top 50 designs in the country.

Leadfeather T Shirt

T shirt for Leadfeather. I was going with more of a nautical theme for this shirt, taking inspiration from Boston's maritime roots.

Leadfeather Shirt

The idea for this shirt stemmed from all the online hate I saw on skateboarding websites. I wanted to make people remember it's about having fun.

Golf Tournament Logo

I created this logo for the Cape and Islands Police Chief's Golf Tournament which happens every year.

Harvard BCMP Shirt

T shirt design for Harvard Medical School's Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department. I incorporated different aspects of the department's responsibilities into the letterforms.

Leadfeather Skate Deck

Skateboard design for Leadfeather featuring the first Leadfeather logo.

Leadfeather Coozie

Coozie for Leadfeather featuring one of the company's logos.

Leadfeather Stickers

Peel and stick stickers for Leadfeather Skateboards

Music Makers Poster

Custom lettering based on a quote from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Mitsubishi Poster

Poster featuring the Mitsubishi Roadside App created by Agero.

Agero Billboard

This was an ad promoting Agero's recruiting effort in Sebring FL.

Agero Ad

This ad promoted Agero's booth at the Vegas Tow Show.

Audi and VW Pins

Based off the outlines of the A4 and the Jetta, these pins were given to designated Agero call center agents who are Audi or Volkswagen specialists.